At a glance how to developed smart web design and development SA WEBSOFT : Before starting our project, team which is consisted with senior consultant and developers sits together and discuss the ins and outs of the project. Sometime we invite our customers to get the real sense of the needs. We follow a very specific process to build a website.

Best web design and web development company in Dhaka,Bangladesh. SA WEBSOFT is professional and Affordable website design UI & UX, Web development,software development,android app development and ecommerce web development service provider company which also provides top rated in lowest price.

First phase: We consider some question;

  • What is the ultimate goal of the website?
  • Who are the audiences of this project?
  • What is the type of the website? (e.g. basic information, membership, online store).
  • What content are you going to publish and at what volume? What is the purpose of your content?
  • How many and how big pictures are you going to set?
  • What is your budget?

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Web Design and Development Solution

Web Design & Development

SA WEBSOFT is now 10 years over and completed 8000+ succesful Web Design and Development Project.SA WEBSOFT develop simple but effective website that can successfully represent you to the world. As result SA WEBSOFT already have completed whole World customers in web design and web development.
Ans: Web design denotes the design of the website that is exhibited on the internet. It typically talks about the user experience of website development rather than the software. Web design usually deals with designing websites for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.
Ans: Web design follows mainly three steps; 1. Planning and Design, 2. Conceptualizing of the project, and 3. Arranging content.
Ans: To develop web design S A WEBSOFT uses many languages like Html5, Css3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, AngularJs, JASON, MySQL, Php, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, SEO and Online Marketing etc.
Ans: Yes, our all website is responsive which is suitable for any kind of monitors like, desktop, laptop and mobile display.
Ans: SA WEBSOFT designs website which includes appearance, layout and content at large. To mean appearance we understand the colour of the website, font style and size, and related images. The layout includes how we structured and categorized information. To complete a successful web design, we consider its easy usefulness, aesthetically pleasing and aligned with users’ need or brand. For us, simplicity is the best because we know extravagant information and functionality disturb and confuse the users.
Ans: SA WEBSOFT offer customized web design; SA WEBSOFT are able to develop any type of web site following the customers’ demand.
Ans: It depends on you; how sophisticated web design do you need. Usually, we take 3 days to 3 months to develop a web design.
Ans: SA WEBSOFT offer a different range of prices depending on volume and time plan of work. However, the range is from $150 to $5000 web design.
Ans: Web development denotes the job related to developing websites for hosting the internet. The process of web development includes web design, web content development, back-end, and front-end development, and network security configuration. In a wider sense, web development embraces all the activities, updates, and actions required to shape, continue, and manage a website to make sure its performance, operators’ experience, and speed are ideal. It comprises all strategic activities needed to guarantee its suitable ranking on search engine (SE) results.
Ans: Web developers usually design, develop and look after websites. They are more frequently known web devs. They also responsible for coding and keep the website functional, as per the users' demands. They look into technical aspects of a website like capacity, performance, speed, traffic and SEO.
Ans: Each organization is unique in terms of ideas, aims, objectives and work processes, and we make unique websites for our clients to keep their uniqueness. S A WEBSOFT LTD creates such a web design and web development which is the best and unique for each person and organization. We offer custom web designs for our valuable customers so that they can feel proud of their website. S A WEBSOFT LTD is always ready to cope with the latest technology to serve our customers since 2011.
Ans: Usually we want to know from you some information, like your goal, your audience or expected visitors, type of website, your competitors and budget.
Ans: To develop web design SA WEBSOFT uses many languages like Html5, Css3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, AngularJs, JASON, MySQL, Php, CodeIgniter and Laravel.
Ans: Our consultancy team is always ready to work with your idea or problem regarding web development. If you have no idea, no problems, please visit our office, we will help you with the depth of our heart. On the other hand, if you have an idea, you are most welcome. You just share your idea, we will fine-tune it, and you will have your dream products.
Ans: It, basically, depends on you; how sophisticated product do you need. Usually we take 1 week to 3 months to develop a web development web site.