Meet Our Team

Md. Soyebur Rahman

Md. Soyebur Rahman Managing Director

Soyebur Rahman is the founder and CEO at SA WEBSOFT . He mainly leads the projects among many other things. He is a Sun Certified Java Programmer. He also completed his Master degree in Economics. Before starting his own organization, he worked as a developer in different renowned organizations.

Salauddin Biswas

Salauddin Biswas Chairman

Salauddin has completed his Master degree from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. He got special training on web development. He worked as a researcher at University of Heidelberg, Germany and BRAC University, Bangladesh. He is an expert on scientific writing and has published articles in peer reviewed journals.

Md. Muhasinul Islam Prince

Md. Muhasinul Islam Prince Director

Muhasinul Islam Prince’s background in computer science gives him an absolute grasp on even the crucial theoretical aspects of programming. But his real interest goes to web development coding using different platforms. He is called the guru of HTML and Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Layla Arjuman

Layla Arjuman Project Manager

Looking for a Senior Programmer? Search no further, because i am ready for the job. She also completed his BSC in Computer Science and Technology. With over 12 years experience as a PHP base Senior Programmer. She is expert in Html5,Css3,Bootstrap,jQuery,JavaScript, Ajax,AngularJs,JASON,MySQL,Php, CodeIgniter, Laravel

Our Expert Team

We believe that the best developer can develop the best products or services. We patronize and nourish the developers so that our clients can get the best output from them. Our team consists of more than 50 developers are always ready to solve your problem immediately. Our team of professionals will be very much cordial to your project.
Ans: More than 50 experts have consisted S A WEBSOFT team.
Ans: One thing is very impressive that the retention rate of the employee is very high. Therefore, we have many developers who have been working since 2011.
Ans: We follow a certain system to make a team. A team is made based on the area of knowledge, expertise and working experience. For example, if any developer has adequate knowledge and working experience on PHP, s/he will be a member of the PHP team.
Ans: Each developer is under a team, even if s/he is as an internee. We create an opportunity to learn for everyone bringing him or her under a team. We believe that interaction with expert developers makes a mediocre developer an expert developer.
Ans: We hire different types of the employee like experts, new bees and internees. But we emphasise on one thing is s/he has to has enough basic education in the web development solution sector.
Ans: We always demotivate our clients not to contact our developers directly. We inspire you to contact our designated person for your work.
Ans: You are completely forbidden to make a financial transaction with any team member.